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Price List

Canine Hydrotherapy

The first appointment for any treatment will be £40 and you will be asked to arrive early so we can carry out a thorough assessment of your dog and devise a bespoke treatment plan.


Hydrotherapy Sessions            £30 

Water Treadmill                           £30


Fun Swims - First session       £30

thereafter                                     £25


Puppy Swims

First Session                          FREE

Up to 12 months of age        £20

Veterinary consent forms must be completed before we can book any treatments or fun and fitness sessions.

Download a Veterinary Referral Form and either email it to your vet or take it in to them.

Alternatively, drop us an email or give us a call on 01268 514 996 with your vets details, your details and dogs details and we will deal with them directly.